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Table of Contents

                  JAVA Tutorial -Complete Guide

Java is a popular programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is designed to be platform-independent, meaning that Java code can run on a variety of hardware and operating systems without modification. 

Java is commonly used for developing enterprise-level applications, mobile apps, games, and other types of software. 

It is an object-oriented language and follows a "write once, run anywhere" philosophy, which makes it a popular choice for cross-platform development. Java also has a large and active developer community, which has led to a wealth of libraries, frameworks, and tools being developed for the language. 

Some of the most popular features of Java include its automatic memory management, strong type checking, and support for multithreading.

Java Tutorial: Click on the below links for each topic.

1. JAVA Introduction

2. JDK, JRE, & JVM

3. Installation - JAVA

4. Variables In Java

5. Data Types in Java

6. Control Statements in Java

7.Decision Making Statements | if - else

8. Loop Statements | for, for-each, while

9. Jump Statements | break, continue, return and throw

10.OOPs Concept

11. Encapsulation in Java

12. Inheritance in Java

13. Polymorphism in Java

14. Abstraction in Java

15. Interface in Java

16. Constructor in Java

17. Different Keywords in Java?

18. Java Collections

19. List in Java Collections

20. Set in Java Collections

21.  Map in Java Collections

22. Exception Handling in Java

Java Interview Questions

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Free Java Cheat Sheetclick here

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